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About my collection


about my collection
Call me Minnie, nice to meet you!

As a lifelong and second-generation rockhound, I have been collecting sand since 2002. Friends and relatives are happy to send sand if they go somewhere interesting. It took many years of trying out different methods to get the basics sorted out with regards to ledgers and display, but things are finally getting organized (famous last words). Sometimes things sit for a while when I don't have any extra specimen jars ready. Sample ID number is not necessarily representative of date collected.

Some of my collection was inherited from my father. As his records left a lot to be desired, many samples have useful labels such as "Maui" or "Rome" rather than specific beaches, deserts, etc., much less the date collected. I have included such stats as I have on each sample's ledger.

Collection stats

Ledgering in progress!

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