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Sand trading tips


Sand trading tips
Why should you consider trading sand samples with others? Because accepting samples from others will help your collection grow quickly! If you know other sand collectors, talk to them about trading samples. Other collectors will likely have access to sand sources which you do not. By trading, both collections can be mutually enhanced. Everyone can benefit from sand trades in the best possible way: having more sand!

How to trade sand

Once you have found another collector, discuss how large a quantity of sand will be traded. Since not all collectors like to display the same amount of sand, the number of samples per weight will vary in each trade if you are trading equal amounts of sand. A small digital scale will be helpful to determine the weight of each offered sample. Be certain it can show the weight your sample in grams and ounces rather than pounds and kilograms as most of us only trade small samples.

Note: Remember to tare your scale for the weight of the sample's container!

Packing and shipping your trade

Before any trade is agreed upon, check the laws of your respective countries. Some countries restrict or prohibit the exchange of mineral samples, so consult a customs reference beforehand. If the exchange is permissible, determine which customs forms will be needed (your local post office can help you with this). Mark the form to indicate the package contains mineral samples of zero value.

Carefully package and label all samples. I like to use zipper bags, but other possible containers include film containers if you have any. Small plastic bottles or other plastic containers can be used so long as they have a screw-top lid. Tape the container openings closed to prevent any spillage in transit, then put all samples into larger gallon zipper bags for extra protection.

Depending on the size and number of samples, this can be shipped in a padded envelope or a small box. So long as it is large enough to affix your shipping label, it's large enough to ship.

If you are so inclined, you can include a note about origins of the samples for your trading partner. Happy trading!

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